Pink Noise

Download pink noise as superior hi-res audio file

The Pink Noise has 24bits depth and very high sampling frequency 192kHz.

The main purpose of Pink Noise available here is to provide a high resolution audio signal to warm-up your audio speakers or headphones.

Download 6 files today: FLAC & ALAC stereo, FLAC & ALAC mono and AIFF as stereo and mono.

Pink noise audio file

The audiophile Pink Noise is available as FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) and as AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format), mono and stereo.

All four audio files are hi-res audio with 24 bits depth and 192 kHz sampling frequency. Download links are provided intermediately.

Warm up speakers

Speaker warm up with Pink Noise is not at all a myth. Your new speakers or new headphones are stiff and not flexible enough from the factory.

The reproduced audio will have a better dynamic after warm up with the Pink Noise. Used materials become much more flexible for producing detailed dynamic sound.

Download Pink Noise

FLAC and AIFF have been generated with the guarantee of superior audio quality.

You want your speakers to burn in with Pink Noise at the same time with the same frequencies, this is the reason why 4 versions are provided for your needs: FLAC mono, FLAC stereo, AIFF mono and AIFF stereo. Files has been generated separately.

How to Warm Up speakers or headphones with the noise

The ideal time for speaker warm up with audiophile Pink Noise is 24+ hours at high volume, ideally around 100 hours. You can break this time into a few periods.