Pink Noise 9 hours

Get better sleep with Hi-Res Pink Noise

Out there are some studies saying pink noise can increase deep sleep and improve memory. Another benefit is that Pink Noise cover different noise, eg car traffic or noisy neighbors. If you are looking for 9 hours audio track, it’s here.

Pink noise for better sleep

9 hrs Audio File

Quality matters. We all have ability of subthreshold perception.

9 hours of Pink Noise

Many people needs 9 hours of sleep. There is always a quastion how long you should sleep. Tha answer is very individual.

Psychiatrists are clear about that: normal lenght is between 6 and 12 hours. Less or more sleep should be treated.

M4A and MP3 files

Actually are available 2 types. First one, M4A file is for Apple products users, and second one, MP3 is for other platforms.

Pink Noise audio files are well compressed. Sampling frequency and bit rate is better than Audio CD.

Apple M4A audio

Pink noise encoded with AAC, low complexity.


Sample type: 48kHz Stereo, 32-bit
Format settings: constant 511 kbps
Size: 1.94GB


Are you wondering what is the difference between M4A and MP3 files?

Basically it is mainly about audio data stream, M4A has larger bitrate. More data means better quality and dynamic range.

Improved MP3 audio

This MP3 file has maximum possible quality.


Sample type: 48kHz Stereo, 32-bit
Format settings: constant 320 kbps
Size:  1.2GB

Like a waterfall

Brown noise might be very relaxing ambient sound for you, if you like the strong sound of waterfall.

Apple M4A audio

Brown Noise For Better Sleep

Improved MP3 audio