Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Pink Noise.

Just shortly: Pink noise is a sound, which contains all frequencies of the audible spectrum. Basically, it is ambient sound and it filters out another distracting noise. Pink noise doesn’t interrupt your sleep. It is often used for processes known as ‘burn-in’ or ‘warm-up’ quality speakers or headphones. Pink noise sounds like rain or wind blowing through trees while brown noise is stronger in low frequencies and the sound is like a waterfall.

Providing quality hi-res audio files requires spent time and technical knowledge. Additional time is needed for keeping the website well maintained and making updates all time to keep buyers happy and satisfied. Also with all respect, we all are expecting appreciation for good work.

Out there are some studies saying pink noise can increase deep sleep and improve memory. If you would like to give a try to Pink Noise, download it here.

Yes, a mono version is available. Some people need a mono audio version for technical reasons, this is why you will have availability to download it.

You will be able to download the Noise in both versions.

Exactly 4 versions: Stereo and mono and each one as loop and with fade-in/out. People have different needs, so it is better to provide a complete solution here.

24 bits are providing in theory a maximum dynamic range of 144 dB. 32 bits float has a huge dynamic range of 1528dB. You might say ‘I won’t hear that’, on the other hand, we all have the ability of subthreshold perception.

It is very easy and very comfortable. You will get an email with download links. Just click on them and wait until the file is 100% downloaded. It might take some time and it depends on your internet connection speed. Unzip the uncompressed files and enjoy! The purpose of ‘uncompressed zipping‘ is just for easy download.

You are getting the true Hi-Res Audio tracks. A bigger file means better quality. AIFF tracks are uncompressed so yes, bigger depth and high sampling frequency of audio data are large. Apple Lossless or FLAC are smaller.

Audio files from this website yes. Each audio track was specially made for providing the best audio tracks and these audio tracks also artwork – the audio track cover images illustrating the sound of pink noise. Please don’t share any items from this website. It’s about respecting others’ work.

Yes, of course. Please drop an email over the contact form and describe your issue. The reply won’t take longer than 24 hrs.