Pink Noise Specifications

You will be able to download 4 direct audiophile Hi-Res files generated with the latest software. The key is to provide quality audio signals. This is what your audio device deserves.

Loudspeaker & Pink Noise

The speaker has two parts which need to be ‘well trained’. They are the surround and suspension.

Manufacturers are using highly flexible materials, you can always get a more dynamic sound with this warm-up process.

The frequencies

This noise is acoustical energy distributed uniformly by octave throughout the audio spectrum. The frequencies of the pink noise has a bass rumble.

As a result, the lower frequencies in pink noise are louder and have more power than the higher frequencies.

Pink Noise Frequencies

You will be able to download:

  • Pink noise as FLAC & ALAC * and AIFF, each as mono and stereo
  • Each file has 20 minutes play duration
  • Genuine direct Hi-Res audio files
  • 24 bits depth
  • 192kHz sampling frequency

*( Apple Lossless file has extension m4a and all informaition for iTunes.